Business development by region

Sales by Market
  Q3 2013 Q3 2014 Change 9M 2013 9M 2014 Change
  € million % € million % % € million % € million % %
EMEA (excluding Germany) 591 28.8 569 27.9 (3.7) 1,838 29.3 1,789 29.3 (2.7)
Germany 364 17.8 361 17.7 (0.8) 1,096 17.4 1,105 18.1 0.8
North America 342 16.7 347 17.0 1.5 1,026 16.3 1,017 16.7 (0.9)
Latin America 238 11.6 209 10.2 (12.2) 759 12.1 647 10.6 (14.8)
Asia-Pacific 515 25.1 554 27.2 7.6 1,567 24.9 1,544 25.3 (1.5)
  2,050 100.0 2,040 100.0 (0.5) 6,286 100.0 6,102 100.0 (2.9)

Sales in the EMEA (excluding Germany) region decreased by 3.7% in the third quarter of 2014, to €569 million. Adjusted for currency changes and for portfolio effects from the acquisition of the phosphorus chemicals business of Thermphos France S.A.R.L., Epierre, France, and the divestiture of the company’s interest in Perlon-Monofil GmbH, sales receded by 3.4%. While the Performance Polymers segment saw sales decline by a high-single-digit percentage, business in the Advanced Intermediates and Performance Chemicals segments showed low rates of growth. The negative sales development mainly applied to Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland and Portugal. By contrast, demand developed positively especially in the Netherlands, Iceland, Turkey and Austria.

With a 27.9% share of total sales for the third quarter against 28.8% in the prior-year period, EMEA (excluding Germany) remained the largest of the LANXESS Group’s regions in terms of sales.

Our sales in Germany were nearly level year on year in the third quarter, at €361 million. There were no material portfolio effects. Sales in our Advanced Intermediates segment improved by a mid-single-digit percentage, while business receded year on year in the Performance Polymers and Performance Chemicals segments.

Germany’s share of Group sales came to 17.7% for the third quarter, compared with 17.8% for the prior-year period.

Sales in North America moved ahead by 1.5% in the third quarter of 2014, to €347 million. Adjusted for currency and portfolio effects, sales were up by 2.2%. Business development was marked by mid-single-digit percentage increases in sales of our Performance Chemicals and Advanced Intermediates segments. These more than offset a low-single-digit percentage decline in the Performance Polymers segment. The United States was the major factor in the region’s development.

LANXESS generated 17.0% of third-quarter sales in this region, compared with 16.7% in the prior-year period.

Sales in the Latin America region receded in the third quarter of 2014 by a substantial 12.2%, to €209 million. Adjusted for minor currency and portfolio effects, the decrease was 12.0%. This trend was driven by the clear, double-digit percentage decline in sales of the Performance Polymers segment, while business in the Advanced Intermediates segment expanded by a double-digit percentage. The Performance Chemicals segment saw a small decline in sales, which were close to the level of the prior-year quarter. Business development in Latin America was mainly attributable to the sales performance in Brazil and Chile.

The region accounted for 10.2% of Group sales in the third quarter, against 11.6% for the same period a year ago.

Third-quarter sales in the Asia-Pacific region increased by 7.6% to €554 million. Adjusted for negative currency changes and minor portfolio effects, sales grew by 8.4%. The Advanced Intermediates segment posted a very positive business performance, with sales advancing by a double-digit percentage. The Performance Polymers and Performance Chemicals segments also generated higher sales compared with the prior-year period, expanding business by a mid- and a high-single-digit percentage, respectively. This operational development was mainly driven by India, Singapore, South Korea, China and Japan. By contrast, we saw lower sales particularly in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. 

LANXESS generated 27.2% of the Group’s third-quarter sales in this region, compared with 25.1% in the prior-year quarter.